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Antivirus Solutions

What are antivirus programs and what do they do?

Although antivirus programs are generally tasked with finding and destroying harmful and unwanted programs on the computer, they have tasks according to the preferences of computer users. For example, although most antiviruses have automatic tasks, when viruses and malicious codes are found, it also asks the user what to do with the program containing this code.

Damages caused by some viruses can cause irreversible errors. That’s why every computer must have an up-to-date and licensed antivirus program.

Although many computer users think that the antivirus programs they install on their computers will protect them completely, this is not possible. As long as antivirus programs are kept up to date, they can protect computers, besides, it is not possible for antiviruses to catch a virus that has not yet been recognized and spread by antiviruses. Therefore, it is extremely important to raise awareness of users about computer use. Most viruses are emails, files, etc. from unknown users. contaminates and damages systems.

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