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Adres: Kazımdirik Mah. Atatürk Cad. No:85/B Aliağa / İZMİR

About Us

Özbil Computer was established on 02.03.2020 in İzmir – Aliağa. He provides consultancy services to many corporate companies. Computer technical service, notebook repair, web design, web hosting, domain registration, mail hosting, computer-hardware sales, notebook repair and network setup are among the services we provide. In addition, we provide technical and maintenance services to our non-corporate customers. We always prioritize customer satisfaction in the services we provide.


As Özbil Bilgisayar, our goal is to provide all the technological needs of all small and large businesses in accordance with the requirements of the day and the advancement of technology and to continue their operation in the most appropriate way. To provide services such as Hardware, Software, Dynamic-Static website design, domain registration and hosting services that a company needs.


To optimize the computer systems you are using for your needs and to ensure that you benefit at the maximum level. To contribute to the development of your business with new technological developments. To keep your system running smoothly by performing regular maintenance. It is to create a website design that suits your needs, bespoke, fast to load and navigate, user-friendly with rich graphics and that people can visit over and over again.



It is one of the most important factors to follow the developing technology in today’s technology and to make the necessary business plans in order to adapt the innovations.
For this reason, we continue our work in this direction by making plans in the institutions we work with.


After planning the needs of institutions and organizations, it is analyzed which products and products they need and to what extent.
In this direction, the correct products are determined by determining which devices your company will work with efficiently. This saves companies time and money.


Sustainability is one of the most important problems of today. Institutions invest in certain products and devices, but when the installation and usage areas of the products are not correct, they cannot get the necessary benefits from these products and cause data loss, investment costs, etc. such as loss of value.

Correct choice

As a result of the three main headings we have mentioned above, we show our utmost dedication to ensure that institutions and organizations have the right products and services.

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