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Akınsoft ERP Software

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AKINSOFT, which has a large family structure with more than 2000 Solution Partners in 31 countries, has started this path in 1995; ERP Solutions is a well-established and large company that aims to provide the best service to its customers, with Turkey’s largest program archive, which can address many sectors with more than 120 software, including Accounting Programs, Commercial Programs, Sectoral Programs, Web Programs and Mobile Programs. .

As Özbil Bilgisayar, we have been serving as Akınsoft Authorized Dealer in Aliağa since 2019. Some of our services are presented below.

Our products


Our Accounting Solutions

With our accounting solutions, you can follow your pre-accounting and general accounting processes perfectly.
With our special solutions for financial advisors, you can perform taxpayer registration and notification transactions in a practical way.



With our pre-accounting program, you can manage customers, stocks, checks, bank accounts, etc. You can access detailed reports at any time by recording the transactions.


General accounting

You can create chart of accounts, opening, collection, disbursement, offset, closing slips, report account status, trial balance reports, balance sheet records in your business.


Financial advisor

With the solutions we have developed for financial advisors, you can easily keep the pre-accounting and general ledger records, and arrange the balance sheet and income accounts according to the records you have entered. You can make all necessary notifications by preparing declarations.

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Cloud Software

Cloud Software is the software we have developed so that you can access your accounts on all devices, wherever you need internet access. Our cloud-based programs are with you for easy access whenever you need them.

AKINSOFT E-Commerce, where you can sell your products over the internet, our cloud-based pre-accounting program OctoCloud, our cloud-based site management program SiteCloud, myFranchise that provides branch auditing, daily material and product management tracking, our online menu system QR Menu that allows you to view the menu by scanning the QR Code, online reservation tracking ProKuaför that provides online reservations, HotelSmart that we have developed for businesses that accept accommodation with online reservation, Rezzta that allows you to take food orders over the internet, MyRezzta that allows you to take online food orders through the website, Online HR where you can easily monitor personnel transactions and processes, and that you can remotely connect to WOLVOX ERP and provide data WebConnect, which allows you to log in, LimonDesk, where you can answer the questions of your visitors on your website, e-Reconciliation, which allows you to easily follow your reconciliation transactions, WebReal Estate, where you can publish the rental and sale real estates in your portfolio on the website, and AKINSOFT online program for affordable hosts, domains and transactions. You can easily access the solutions your business needs.


E-Commerce Solutions

Use our e-commerce program to sell your products on the internet, send them to the most preferred virtual markets, and increase both the number of your customers and your profitability with different pricing options.



OctoCloud is cloud-based easy accounting software. With the cloud accounting software OctoCloud, you can easily keep your current records and track debt and receivables, see the stock status of your products, issue e-Invoice, e-Archive invoices, finalize collection transactions by sending an online collection link to your customers, wherever you have internet access to your records, whether from desktop computers. You can access it immediately on mobile devices.



SiteCloud; It is our practical and easy-to-operate cloud-based site management program where site, apartment and building managers can follow their dues and expense tracking and accounting transactions. With SiteCloud, the site and apartment management program, you can easily organize your general ledger, visitors, fixed expenses, late fees, meeting decision announcements and manage transactions via mobile devices with mobile application support.



MyFranchise enables you to control the logistics, performance, operation and general management of the businesses you manage with a franchise or branch system. MyFranchise, the branch management software, has been designed to serve you wherever you need it, with its easy-to-use and mobile support.


QR Menu

Online menu software QR Menu is a system that enables your customers to access your menu from their own devices by scanning the QR code on their tables in order to provide contactless and hygienic menu service for restaurant or cafe orders.



Our hairdressing software, ProKuaför, has been developed specifically for businesses that accept customers by appointment. You can easily follow up your appointments with the online appointment program ProKuaför.



With HotelSmart, you can get instant reservations and payments on your own website and report transactions. Enjoy seamless management of all processes through your program by integrating the cloud reservation software HotelSmart with AKINSOFT hotel solutions.



All restaurant management processes are very easy with online food order automation Rezzta. You can track orders by integrating them into your WOLVOX program.



With MyRezzta, you can start receiving online orders in a very short time through your own domain name. Moreover, there is no additional commission fee. Moreover, information about your customers, which is the most important achievement of your business, is always at your fingertips.


Online Human Resources

By using your online HR program web-based, you can follow the Human resources processes in a practical way. With the online human resources software, you can view reports by quickly finalizing personnel surveys, entry and exit times, leave request results.


WOLVOX WebConnect

WOLVOX WebConnect helps you to use the Current, Cash, Stock, Invoice, Order, Service, Waybill, Currency, End of Day and Restaurant reports contained in WOLVOX ERP over the web and mobile.



By adding our LimonDesk program to your website, you can answer your visitors’ questions online and offline. By defining the departments you serve, ensure that your customers reach the right operator quickly. Compatible with all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, LimonDesk is a cloud-based service platform that allows you to provide live support services to your customers from anywhere without being dependent on your office with its mobile application support, and allows you to create support (ticket) records.



By using our e-reconciliation solution, which can be easily used by all businesses that want to make BA-BS notifications and current account reconciliation, you can quickly finalize your reconciliation letters by sending them to the other party via Mail or SMS.


WebReal Estate

With our real estate program WebEmlak, you can publish all your real estate for sale and rent on your website and increase your target audience.

What is e-Transformation?

With the advancement of technology, e-Transformation services have begun to take their place in every aspect of our lives in the digitalizing world day by day. Expanding the use of computers and the internet, using online signatures, performing transactions over a common network, etc. With the increase in transactions, public institutions and private sector organizations have the opportunity to make their transactions reliably by making all services transparent in this world of information and speed. They can save paper, labor and time. E-transformation, which was previously limited to large enterprises, now refers to a general transformation process that also includes small enterprises. If we need to give you brief information about e-transformation services;


What is e-Invoice?

e-Invoice is an electronic document designed to comply with Gib standards, sealed reliably, saving time and cost between the sending and receiving company, and having the same legal qualifications as a paper invoice. You can archive your e-invoices for 10 years by editing them in e-invoice format.


What is e-Archive Invoice?

Creating and maintaining e-Archive invoices, second copies of invoices that must be kept for 10 years, and related documents in electronic environment; It is a service that provides electronic submission when necessary. e-Archive invoice, like e-invoice, is an invoice type belonging to the electronic invoice system. In order for the company to be an e-Archive invoice user, it must first be registered to the e-invoice.


What is e-Waybill?

The e-Waybill is a solution that has similar features to the paper waybill, but is issued in an electronic environment. By switching to the e-Waybill system, you can issue a waybill electronically and send it to the receiving company.


What is e-Ledger?

e-Ledger is a system where journals, journals and general ledgers are prepared electronically and signed and submitted using a time stamp. Since the e-Ledger is kept electronically, you do not need notary approval. In this way, you can speed up the process with time and cost savings.


What is e-Producer Receipt?

e-Producer receipt, created in accordance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, is created in electronic environment; It is an application that covers both paper and electronic storage and submission.


What is e-Reconciliation?

With e-Reconciliation, you can compare payable and receivable accounts electronically, quickly and securely. e-Reconciliation is a web application developed for BA-BS reconciliations and current account reconciliations.

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