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E-Signature KEP SSL Timestamp Aliağa Dealer

E İmza / KEP/ SSL / Zaman Damgası ürünlerini aynı gün teslimat

E Tuğra Aliağa Dealer

As Özbil Bilgisayar, we deliver E-Signature / KEP / SSL / Time Stamp products from our office in Aliağa with same day delivery and identification.

E Signature / KEP/ SSL / Time Stamp


What is E-Signature?

Electronic signature as in Electronic Signature Law No. 5070; It defines electronic data that is attached to another electronic data or has a logical connection with electronic data and is used for authentication purposes.
In the Electronic Signature Law; secure electronic signature is accepted as equivalent to a handwritten signature, and it is stated that data created with electronic signature will be in the form of promissory note.


What is KEP?

KEP – Registered Electronic Mail; It is a secure e-mail service in which the sender and receiver identities are known, the time of sending and the content cannot be changed, and it has legal validity in case of conflict. Information on who sent the KEP message, to whom it was sent, when it was sent, delivered and read is legal evidence.


What is SSL?

SSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape to provide security and privacy during information transfer over the network.
It ensures that the sent information can be deciphered absolutely and only at the correct address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the right recipient. The confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information is protected by verification on both sides.


What is a Timestamp?

Timestamps prove that certain data existed at a specified date. Timestamp Server uses public key technology to sign timestamps, confirming the integrity of the data and its existence at a certain date.

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